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Executive Advisory Group, LLC

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PJ Fitzpatrick
Executive Advisory Group, LLC
South Thomaston, Maine

Strategic – Brainstorming – Planning Create the right materials for the right audience to deliver the right message, this doesn't mean long winded rhetoric and expensive reports

Exit – Develop and Execute a Liquidity Event Strategy/Plan.  Monetize your assets

Interim or Fractional C-Level Leadership – Augment existing senior leadership - Owner/CEO/Board of Directors when and where needed

Tactical - Growth Channels – Develop and Open Doors – Get you in front of key players

  1. Strategic Alliances
  2. Acquisition
  3. New Product Development & Launch
Funding/Capital – Position your company appropriately to enable us to open doors to the right capital channels.  We have access to a network of investment banks, private equity groups, and VCs that we can introduce you to.  We are not an investment bank or PEG or VC

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